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New Items for 2014



Arranged for

Echi d'Oriente Lodi Luka Flute and Piano
Intermezzo Otto Martin Christensen Flute and Piano
Four Weathers Otto Martin Christensen Flute Quartet
Showtime Keiron Anderson Flute Ensemble
Jongleur Jo Griffiths Flute Ensemble
Folk Song Suite Phillip Rawle Flute Ensemble
Springtime Lodi Luka Flute Ensemble
Der Alte Brummbar Fukic Solo Contrabass Flute and Flute Ensemble
Flute and Clarinet Duets for Young Players Lynne Williams Flute and Clarinet
Suite for Clarinet and Bassoon Marc Douyon Clarinet and Bassoon
Divertimento Otto Martin Christensen Wind Quartet
Four Disorders Otto Martin Christensen Wind Quintet
Fanfare for Fifty Jason McMahon Small Wind Ensemble
Four Romances Lenny Cavallaro Cor Anglais and Piano
Oboe Sonata Phillip Rawle Oboe and Piano
Waft and Woof Elizabeth Aitken 2 oboes and 1 cor anglais
Suite Lenny Cavallaro Oboe, Cor Anglais, Bassoon
Ornamenti Lodi Luka Clarinet and Piano
Sonata Otto Martin Christensen Clarinet and Piano
Three Minuets Puccini Clarinet Quartet
Four Norwegian Dances Grieg Clarinet Ensemble
Proclaiming Joy Liz Sharma Trumpet and Piano
4 x 4 Liz Sharma Four Trumpets
Fanfare for Changing Times Liz Sharma Four Trumpets
Night Spirits Liz Sharma Four Horns in F
4 x 4 Liz Sharma Four Horns in F
Suite for Four Horns Liz Sharma Four Horns in F
Royal Wind Music Augustine Bassano Brass Quintet
Ave maris stella Edvard Grieg Brass Quintet
Overture from the Messiah GF Handel Brass Quintet
Abendlied Josef Rheinberger Brass Quintet
Watching Light Liz Sharma Six Trumpets
Suite for Six Trumpets Liz Sharma Six Trumpets
Leading In Liz Sharma 8-12 Trumpets
Prelude from Suite Bergamasque Claude Debussy Brass Ensemble
Devices Liz Sharma Brass Ensemble
Chorale Prelude Keiron Anderson Brass Ensemble
Darkest Hour Keiron Anderson Brass Ensemble
Showtime! Keiron Anderson Brass Band
Cirque Russe Keiron Anderson Brass Band
Sea of Tranquility Keiron Anderson Brass Band
Darkest Hour Keiron Andeerson Brass Band
Elegy Keiron Anderson Solo Cornet and Brass Band
Tubilation Keiron Anderson Solo Tuba and Brass Band


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