Composer: Karl Jenkins arranged by Robert Rainford
Instrumentation: Piccolo, Optional G treble, 4 Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Optional Contr'alto Flute, Optional Contrabass Flute, Optional Subcontrabass Flute, Optional Double Contrbass Flute
Skill Level: Easy, Intermediate
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This is an arrangement of a short organ piece. It opens with short, driving ostinato figures in the lower parts, with a bright and exuberant theme in the highest parts. This then changes to a slightly more relaxed and singing middle section, which builds through a very short syncopated section to a full throated reprise of the first section. The piece ends with a fanfare for all the flutes! With optional parts for just about every member of the extended flute family, and the simpler parts for the lower flutes, this is a great concert item for any flute choir.