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  • Preparing for my Grade 1 Flute

    Preparing for my Grade 1 Flute

    • composer: Ruth Ballantyne
    Now updated for the 2018-2021 Syllabus! Preparing For My Grade is a colourful and beautifully presented series of books to support grade preparation and progression. A collection of tasks, exercises,...
  • Closure


    • composer: Keiron Anderson
    • skill-level: Intermediate-Advanced
    • instrumentation: Trumpet in Eb or D, 2 Bb Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Horn in F, 3 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba.
    ...require sensitive and musical playing and direction, whilst the fast section requires nimble fingers and tongues to get the best from the music. Suitable for players of Grade 6 upwards....
  • Three Pieces

    • composer: Alfonso Cavallaro
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    • instrumentation: Oboe (or Flute) and Piano
    ...harmonies are rich and interesting, and the short size of these pieces and the smaller range of notes used bring them well within the abilities of grade 4-5 standard players....
  • Oboe Sonata

    • composer: Lenny Cavallaro
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    ...left to the performer’s discretion. Not technically difficult (reaching D above the stave), but neat fingers will be needed for some of the semiquaver passage work. Approximately grade 4-5 standard....
  • Three Romances Opus 94

    Three Romances Opus 94

    • composer: Robert Schumann
    • skill-level: Intermediate-Advanced
    ...the more mournful tone of the cor anglais perfectly. The second in particular presents some stamina issues for the player, but the set range from about grade 6 standard upwards....
  • Star Pieces Volume 1

    • composer: Paul Hart
    • instrumentation: Oboe and Piano
    • skill-level: Intermediate-Advanced
    Oboe and Piano Edited by Stella Dickinson, this is a delightful collection of character pieces suitable for Grade 6 plus players. Now featuring on List A and List B of...
  • Hot Ashpelt

    Hot Ashpelt

    • composer: Ian Vlemmiks
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    ...concert band by Ian Vlemmiks. This rousing tune is presented in many guises. This piece has been set by the NCBF as a Grade 3 piece by a British composer....
  • Catwalk


    • composer: Keiron Anderson
    • skill-level: Intermediate
    ...and bluesy. At about 5 minutes long, a great concert item for intermediate bands. This piece as been set by the NCBF as a Grade 4 piece by a British...
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